Types of entrepreneurship, what is yours?

Nowadays, more and more people are taking risks and taking a leap into the world of entrepreneurship; according to a report published by the OECD in 2016 called: “Startup América Latina. Building an innovative future ”, the perception of Latin America as a place to undertake and innovate is gaining more and more strength.However, this decision to undertake is not always linked to the same reason, there are two types of entrepreneurship that occur depending on the circumstances, keep reading and get to know them!Entrepreneurship by necessity: This type of entrepreneurship arises from the search for a solution to some type of financial difficulty or to deal with unemployment.

It is usually characterized by:

  • Generate income quickly and easily.
  • Vary of activity to find better retribution in another.
  • Have self-employment.
  • Changing in case of not achieving the objectives set.

Entrepreneurship by opportunity: Identify gaps in the market and develop a business idea that satisfies it.

The profile of the entrepreneur is a person with ample opportunities for employment but finds in the fact of undertaking something more attractive than working.

It is usually characterized by:

  • Be innovative.
  • Have a high growth rate.
  • Identify a problem in the market and give a solution.
  • Be high impact.
  • Be dynamic.
  • Create a business plan that can be effective.
  • Generate more jobs.

No matter what your situation is, the important thing will always be to take a risk and make the decision to take your business idea to another level.

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