Top 10 of the most used social networks in the world

The importance and influence of social networks in this digital age are more than demonstrated, but do you know which are the most used in the world order? Do you use the number one platform? If you want to find out, then keep reading.

According to The Global State of Digital in 2019, prepared by Hootsuite and We Are Social, an estimated 3.484 billion people use social networks, this represents 45 percent of the world’s population.

This data reveals, once again, how indispensable these platforms have become, not only for communication between people but also for brand positioning.

However, there are many social networks, so here we tell you which are the most used, this depending on the number of active users in the course of this year.

According to a study carried out by Statista, a data provider firm, this is the ‘Top 10’ of the most used platforms:

  1.   Facebook: 2.320 million users.
  2.   Youtube: 1.9 billion users.
  3.   WhatsApp: 1.6 billion users.
  4.   Facebook Messenger: 1.3 billion users.
  5.   WeChat: 1,098 million users.
  6.   Instagram: 1,000 million users.
  7.   QQ: 807 million users.
  8.   QZone: 532 million users.
  9.   Tik Tok: 500 million users.
  10.   Weibo: 462 million users.

Now that you know which are the platforms with the highest number of users, let’s see why:

Facebook: In recent years, applications have emerged that have achieved boom and popularity, but none have been able to take the lead off Facebook. With 2,320 million users, the application created by Mark Zuckerberg remains in the first place. This platform allows you to share texts, photos, and videos, as well as make live broadcasts. In addition, it is one of the most used for advertising, thanks to its geolocation and segmentation tools.

Youtube: On this website, users can share videos on almost any topic, from music to tutorials. The plus of this platform is that each user is free to upload almost all types of content, in addition to allowing comments. Additionally, live broadcasts through this platform make people able to connect.

WhatsApp: With 1.3 billion active users, this instant messaging service is one of the favorites. What began as a service to send and receive messages, evolved to allow the sharing of images, audios, and videos. Later it included video calls and stories, the latter being among the most used formats in terms of publishing content.

Facebook Messenger: For Facebook, it is not enough to have the first place, one of its ‘children’ is also in the ranking of the most used. This platform has been growing in users thanks to its evolution, since it allows from sending messages, videos, and images, to video calls.

WeChat: This is another instant messaging service that competes directly with WhatsApp. A feature of this service is privacy since it does not show other users if you read the messages if you are online or at the time of your last connection. This is one of the most used applications in China because it is multifunctional, that is, it is possible to read the news, play games, and make some payments online from the platform.

Instagram: This network bought by Facebook, which began as a tool for sharing photos, is one of the fastest-growing in recent years and this trend is expected to continue. The application has been improving, allowing the exchange of messages, stories, video chats, live broadcasts, and even the publication of long videos through Instagram TV.

QQ: This instant messaging service is the social network par excellence in China. It has email, a blogging platform, online shopping, games, and even a dating tool.

QZone: It is a platform that allows its users to write blog s  and have a personal journal. You also have an option to send photos, listen to music, and watch videos. Most of its users are in China, although it also has downloads in Russia and Kazakhstan.

Tik Tok: It is a social network for creating and sharing short videos. The application allows users to create short videos of 3–60 seconds. It is a leading video platform in Asia, the United States, and other parts of the world. Everything indicates that little by little it will become popular also in Latin America.

Weibo: It is a social network used in China that has similar utilities to Facebook and Twitter. The design of the application is similar to that of Facebook, but it has some functions similar to those of Twitter, such as posts in just 140 characters.

The Youtuber Arnoldo Montaño, on his channel Hey Arnoldo Montaño, explains that platforms such as WeChat, QQ, QZone, and Weibo are applications that replace the functions of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, because, in China and other Asian and Middle Eastern countries, these social networks are blocked. Given this, a question arises: If these blocks did not exist, would they be just as successful?

And Twitter and LinkedIn?

At this point, you will ask yourself: what happened to Twitter and LinkedIn?

Indeed, these do not appear in the ‘Top 10’ of the most used social networks. In fact, Twitter ranks 12th, with 330 million active users worldwide. LinkedIn, for its part, is in position number 14, with 303 million.

The most popular in Latin America

Now that we know which are the most popular social networks in the world, let’s go further. Do you know which are the most used in Latin America?

Let us remember that content in Spanish occupies the fourth position in the world, representing a population of 20 countries and more than 600 million inhabitants, so it is important to have this information at hand.

According to the Hootsuite and We Are Social report for 2019, social networks register a penetration of 83 percent in South America, 81 percent in Central America, and 59 percent in the Caribbean islands.

To determine which are the most used social networks in Latin America, the Hubspot firm did a study with marketing professionals, which revealed that 96 percent of users in the region use Facebook; followed by YouTube, with 66 percent; and Twitter, with 56 percent.

As you will see, although Twitter is losing more and more ground in the world order, in Latin America it remains positioned as one of the most popular platforms among users.

Now that you know which are the most used social networks, you can get down to work to generate content that helps you position your personal brand or that of your business.

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