The best tips to program in android

Are you interested in learning to program on Android? Next, we will share some tips that will be of great help in your learning process.

  1. Having knowledge of Java is a great advantage when learning to program in Android since this language is used in all devices, whether in games, cell phones, computers, etc. Therefore, if you still don’t know anything about Java, this may be the first step you should take to become an expert in Android programming.
  2. Second, learn and research all about the API (application programming interface) and its settings. In the case of Android, its API uses java as a programming language to develop mobile applications. Do you see why the first point is important?
  3. We also recommend learning XML (Extensible Markup Language), a markup language used to store data in a readable way.
  4. A very important tip that you should keep in mind when learning to program in Android is to know in detail how the Google Play Store works because there is the success of any application you want to develop. It is essential to read about the tips and good practices that you must implement to achieve an excellent positioning of your applications.
  5. You will need Android Studio, a very easy to use platform that was created by Google for the development of Android applications. Download the latest version here
  6. When programming any application, regardless of whether it is Android or iOS, it is important that you learn to plan and manage your resources in the best possible way. In this way, you can work in a more organized way and have total control over the development of your application.

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