SkyRocket Your Career As An Expert Telesummit Speaker

Why is it important to be a guest expert speaker on a Telesummit? As an invited and featured speaker on a Telesummit you gain global access to your niche audience. A Telesummit generally features a certain number of experts in niche areas like health, wellness, business (entrepreneurial, small, medium, large), marketing, coaching, personal development and every other niche imaginable. You are invited to share your expertise in a format that provides the audience with the opportunity to get to know you, to learn something from you and to seek you out in the near future for your continued guidance through products, training workshops, coaching packages, etc. The publicity and global exposure you receive allows your ideas and enlightening information to be delivered quickly, impact-fully and far more efficiently than most other marketing methods. Providing value to your audience will build your credibility, greatly increase your client email list, and rocket you and your message to prominence and fame.

As a Telesummit speaker you have to bring your “A-game” because the global reach of the world-wide-web and Telesummits gives you greater access to your niche audience and that global audience is comprised of people that may know you and/or are familiar with your work and many more that aren’t. It is important to remember that the audience won’t see you; your voice carries additional importance in an online presentation. Be yourself, be sincere, and put a smile (or lightness) in the tone of your voice even if you are presenting a serious topic. Your speaking emphasis will guide your audience’s thinking. Be careful with sarcasm or condescending tones, use a voice coach to get the inflection and tone just right. Use terminology that your audience is familiar with or provide enough explanation for terms or ideas that are new. Practice your presentation until you have the general message “down cold”, know the areas that you can “wing it” and the points that need to be made. Your general formula is to use your message to guide your audience’s thoughts and actions. With your presentation you must relate to the audience, share your story or case studies of others’ failures and successes and provide solutions or take-a-ways. Use your words to guide the emotions, the ah-ha moments, and actions of your audience. Telesummit presentations that have memorable impact and influence utilize many ingredients to create the perfect atmosphere for inspiring action from the listening audience.

Remember, your audience will lose interest if you’re distracted, not speaking clearly, or run off on tangents. The audience cannot communicate with you directly, or with each other, nor can you immediately gauge their reaction or comprehension to what you are speaking about. Your best tests of how the audience has reacted are through email feedback received directly to your website or received by the producer of the telesummit (these responses will determine if you are invited back in the future). Be sure to request that the telesummit producer forward all emails, no matter the content, that pertain to you so you can make constructive changes to your presentation. Audience reaction can also be determined by the special free offer you make to the audience and the click-through response you receive. Building an audience is not a trick and doesn’t respond well to gimmicks; it takes solid, dynamic, well-planned and creatively executed presentations to really sell ideas and keep you on the invite list of Telesummit producers.

Telesummit presentations are more than just an interview or sharing of who you are, they convey your expertise, educate, motivate and inspire the audience; with these goals guiding your well planned telesummit interview or workshop you will garner the personal and professional success and fame you are striving for.

Source by Gabrielle Spencer

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