How to add textures to your typography?

If you are a design lover and you like to let your creativity fly, then we will teach you a step by step on how to apply textures to your fonts.

The possibilities are endless!  Since you can choose the image or texture you want, be it a watercolor, a background of geometric figures, bright textures, or even a photograph. Let your imagination and keep reading!

2. Add text boxes to your designs: Once you have created a new project, the first thing you should do is add the text you want to create a texture for. You will achieve this by using the text tool, which is represented by the letter “T”.

3. Import the desired texture: When you have the text on your artboard, you must click on File> Place embedded element, locate it among your documents and then click on “Place”

Where to download textures and backgrounds? Here are some free options:

4. Create a clipping mask: Right-click on the image layer and select the option: “Create clipping mask”

5. Slide it to locate the texture where you want it.

And ready! Now let nothing stop you. Experiment with different fonts and textures and put your creativity to the test.

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