Guide to increase your online sales on Black Friday

Black Friday, the most anticipated date for shops and buyers, is already ‘just around the corner’. While stores post their offers and promotions, consumers make their wish list.

And it is that, also called Black Friday, is increasingly popular for being the day in which physical and online stores offer sales and discounts on their products and services to captivate their customers and prospects just at the beginning of the Christmas season…

Black Friday is celebrated every year the day after Thanksgiving, a North American holiday, so in 2019 this day of discounts and purchases will take place on November 29.

Black Friday and e-commerce

At a time when technology has covered practically everything, this date is of special importance from the point of view of electronic commerce, due to the influence that the Internet has on the purchase decision of consumers.

In fact, a Google study for 2019 revealed that 82 percent of people use their mobile phones to research the Internet before making their purchases.

For its part, an analysis by the firm Deloitte reveals that “technological advances and the increase in Internet access have made more and more people choose to make their purchases from computers and mobile devices, due to the saving of time dedicated to these activities, as well as the comfort and accessibility it represents ”.

If we look specifically at the behavior in Latin America, online shopping is a growing trend. According to statistics from Statista, people who purchase products and services online in the region went from 126 million in 2016 to 155 million in 2019.

What do these figures mean to us? That Black Friday, the second busiest date after Christmas, is a great opportunity to increase sales through electronic commerce.

So, if you have an online business, this is a great opportunity to boost your sales on this date. What must you do to achieve it? Define a winning strategy that makes you stand out because remember that there will be a universe of competitors trying to captivate customers and prospects. This is where digital marketing plays a fundamental role, which is the application of techniques for the positioning of your brand in digital media.

At this point, you will ask yourself: How can I build a winning strategy? But don’t worry, here is a guide that will be very useful:

  • Get ahead of the date:

Don’t wait until Black Friday to tell your customers and prospects about the discounts, deals, and promotions you’ve prepared for them. Anticipate and tell them what they can get that day, so they will wait to place that order they want to do.

  • Create expectation:

Do a countdown to create expectations and keep people hooked and attentive to your discounts and promotions.

  • Offer something else:

The competition during Black Friday is high, so it is necessary to stand out from others, so the usual offers do not work for us. Offer something more like a gift for the purchase of another product, free shipping, or discount vouchers for the next purchase – with this last action you encourage your clients to visit you again after Black Friday.

  • Reward loyalty:

Make your subscribers and regulars feel like they’re really special and offer them exclusive offers to keep them hooked.

  • It resorts to the scarcity factor and creates purchase urgency: 

Make sure to encourage your customers and prospects to shop, with messages that convey urgency and scarcity. Use formulas such as “just for today”, “limited offer”, “few units available”, and so on.

Once you are clear about the type of discounts and promotions you will offer this day and the message you want to send to your clients and prospects, it is time to evaluate how you will reach them. Here we tell you the different ways you have to do it:

WhatsApp: Remember that people use cell phones more and more, so a good way to reach your customers is through mobile messaging services. WhatsApp Business is a tool that can be very useful for you since it allows you to segment your customers according to their interests and offer them the products and services they might need. Send them the information of your promotions, discount codes, and, of course, the URL of your site so that they can enter to see what you have for them.

Social networks: Social networks are a great showcase for your products and services, make sure that everything you have prepared is reflected in them. In addition, it adapts the audiovisual resources for this season, uses pieces that evoke the date with the black color that characterizes it, and striking copies that invite you to buy. Do you remember the words we talked about earlier?

Email Marketing: Use your database to send emails to your clients and prospects telling them about the offers you have prepared for them. It’s not about sending mass emails, but about segmenting your audience according to their interests and offering people what they might need. Remember that the saturation of digital marketing campaigns on Black Friday is maximum, so you have to be very differentiating to get the user to open your email. Try to keep your subject creative and to the point. It can also be a good idea to use emojis to make a difference.

Invest in online advertising: This is an excellent strategy to reach new customers. Investing in campaigns in Google Ads can make you visible to people who are looking for products or services like the ones you offer. Also, in Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, you can create targeted ads for a specific audience. If more people with the characteristics of your prospects can see you, you will have greater sales opportunities. In this case, do not forget to graphically highlight the discounts used in the campaigns so that they have more impact and allocate a specific budget for this type of advertising.

Remarketing: This is a good opportunity to hit the spot and offer that Black Friday discount to those who have already passed through your website and have been viewing one or more products for a while. Implement remarketing a few days before the date.

Additionally, YouTuber Hermo Benito, an expert in electronic commerce, recommends taking into account three aspects if you want to sell more with your online business, not only during Black Friday but throughout the year:

  • Make sure that the design of your site adapts well to mobile since most Internet users make their inquiries through cell phones.
  • It uses resources such as videos, due to the fact that users consume more and more audiovisual content.
  • Lean on collaborations with other brands or influencers, to increase user traffic to your website.

As we said at the beginning, the famous ‘Black Friday’ is ‘just around the corner’, but you still have time to put together your strategy to boost your sales and we are sure that this guide will be very useful for you. So get to work!

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