5 tips to boost your email marketing strategies and prevent

Email marketing is considered one of the most effective actions within the different actions that can be implemented in Digital Marketing. Studies such as those carried out by the Internet Address Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean show that mailing has a wide reach since 73% of people who use the Internet do so to check their email. That is why in this blog we will give you five tips to improve your strategies and prevent your emails from ending up as spam.

The first thing to understand is that an email is a key tool in any marketing plan. That is why it must be managed intelligently to enhance its effect and offer users valuable and quality content, especially at this time when most people have their emails linked to their mobile devices, which allows them to the scope is increasing.

“Email Marketing is the channel through which we get 90% or 95% of the sales of our company. Basically all businesses, regardless of the sector, should be implementing this strategy because of how highly profitable and inexpensive it is, compared to the results it achieves, ”says Laura Ribas, entrepreneur and marketing and sales consultant.

This communication technique is a direct channel that, although it allows you to massively distribute information, gives you the possibility of adapting the content for each consumer, which would lead to a higher return on investment or ROI ( Return of Investment ).

This ROI is what demonstrates the effectiveness of email marketing, taking into account that the resources that must be put in are minimal but the profits can be considerable.

Among the advantages of this strategy is the possibility of monitoring emails and ROI; advertising by mail is cheaper and faster than in traditional mail; You can reach a high number of subscribers who gave the go-ahead to receive information of their interest; Compared to regular email, the marketing one produces higher response rates and higher values ​​for an eCommerce.

5 key tips!

To successfully implement an email marketing strategy, keep these five tips in mind:

  1. Focus on one purpose by mail and properly segment your databasebecause it is not effective to send a generic message to 500 people if half are not even interested in your product or service. It is best to define objectives per campaign. For example, you can design a loyalty strategy and send it only to people who have ever bought from you but have not made a purchase in your eCommerce for a long time.
  2. Define a strategic issue, for which it is not only enough to take into account the keywords that you should use, but also those that you should NOT use. This subject must be attractive because it does not matter how interesting the content within the email is if you cannot get people to open it.
  3. Once someone opens the email, the first few seconds are key, so make sure you capture their interest quickly. For example, the first paragraph should be short, precise, and concise. To do this, we recommend diversifying the formats: you can include impressive photos, infographics, buttons with a call to action or videos. Of course, do not saturate the mail, remember that less is more.
  4. As expert Laura Ribas advises, add the scarcity factor to your campaigns. This indicates that the user must be given the feeling that the product or service is limited and can be finished at any time, which should motivate the user to acquire it soon.
  5. Build a close relationship with your subscribers. It is not advisable to stop writing to them for a long time, so it is best to generate valuable content on a regular basis. Some companies choose to do it every week, but that depends on the content they share. For example, it is not positive to write very often if you are only going to send advertising. Bet on information that creates value for your subscriber and helps him solve any need!

Errors that will send your mailings to the spam tray.

It is more difficult to build a good email than to turn it into spam, and that your emails reach the spam folder is a sign that your marketing strategy has aspects to improve. So keep these tips in mind to avoid making mistakes that will lead to spam:

  • Not having prior permission from the user. When you send emails that have not been requested or to people who have not given prior authorization through landing pages, you run the risk of ending up in the Spam folder.
  • Use content considered Spam. Words or characters that do not make sense in the context of an email such as ‘Fr3e’ or ‘W¡nn3r’, having unreliable links, unclear subjects, bad capitalization, little text, and many images, can affect your mass emails.
  • Send emails that the recipient is not interested in. It is important that the information you share with the recipients is useful and of interest. For that, you have to take into account the opening rate of the emails, to know which users are really interested in your product/service. A signal is when a contact has deleted an email several times without even opening it. That is why it is important to renew and update the database on a recurring basis.
  • Bombard with advertisingA person provides their email to obtain information, but not to constantly receive publicity. This can be overwhelming for the user who will end up sending all emails to spam.
  • Send emails without certification. More and more companies are beginning to use certified mail to guarantee authenticity to their users and that they receive them correctly. This generates reputation and guarantees good practices, which lead to improved mail quality and correct delivery.

Email marketing tools.

On the web, you can find a variety of tools that can meet your needs when developing an email marketing campaign. Here we show you some with free functions and others mixed:

  • Mailjet: it is a tool used in more than 100 countries. Its free plan allows you to have an unlimited number of contacts, which puts it at an advantage over other platforms, however, it has limits on the number of emails that can be sent: 200 daily or 6,000 monthly. If you want to remove this limit, you can access their payment plans.
  • Mailify: provides you with an intuitive editor called EmailBuilder that helps design attractive emails, as well as free download templates and images. The free version allows you to send up to 500 emails. It differs from other platforms in the ability to import contacts unlimitedly, its availability in six languages ​​, and its ease of connecting with other applications such as Google Analytics or WordPress.
  • SendPulse: with the free plan you can send up to 15,000 emails per month to a database of up to 2,500 users. The interface is also easy to use, especially for people just starting out in email marketing.
  • Benchmark – Available in eight languages ​​and has attractive layouts. The free plan allows up to 2,000 subscribers and sends 14,000 emails per month. One of its attractions is that it allows the sending of email marketing campaigns with video.
  • MailChimp: It is one of the most popular tools and it is estimated that it has more than 15 million users. The free plan allows up to 2,000 database users and the sending of up to 12,000 emails each month. It has integrations to tools such as WordPress, social networks, and Google Analytics, among others. It also offers the possibility of analyzing and comparing campaigns.
  • Madani: is part of the GoDaddy services. It has a free plan that allows you to send an unlimited number of emails but restricts it to a base of 100 subscribers.

Do you want to learn more, create successful digital marketing campaigns and be an expert in sending mass emails? At we have everything you need to know to create effective Email Marketing campaigns.

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